How to assign DOI numbers?

Dear all,
I’m quite new in OJS so I must apologise for asking probably obvious questions.
I have uploaded my journals and supplied them with metadata. Also I joined CrossRef and I was given a DOI prefix. But I can’t figure out how to get the DOI suffixes and how can they be visible in the system.
As a Journal Nanager I went to Journal Setup → 1. Details → 1.1 General Information. I filled all the fields, including DOI prefix. But the suffixes won’t appear anywhere.
How can I supply all my Issues and Articles with DOIs? And how can these numbers be visible?
Thank you in advance

Hi @maryann ,

It seems you are still using an older OJS version – when you said that you set up the DOIs in the Setup 1 – right?
It would be best if you could upgrade to the latest OJS 2.4.8-1 version – the DOI support improved so much since then.

In the current version you would use the DOI plugin (System plugins > Public identifiers > DOI) for the DOI assignment. There you would also setup the plugin i.e. define the DOI prefix and kind of suffix. The DOIs would then be generated and displayed when viewing the article i.e. on the article view page. As editor you will see the DOI preview also on the article metadata form page.
For DOI registration you would use another plugin, the Crossref export/registration plugin (Import/export data > Crossref export/registration plugin). There you can either download the XML that you will manually upload at Crossref portal, or set up the plugin so that you can register the DOIs from within OJS.

I hope this helps…

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