How to archive published book reviews, OJS 2.x

This is a different question from the one asking about archiving “Available” Books for Review that are not picked up

Even when book review submission status is “published,” it still shows in the “Submitted” list. I should think that once it’s published, it would be archived like an article.

It is not convenient to have published book reviews remaining on the list of “Submitted” book reviews.

Hi @cspeditr,

Have you looked at the Objects for Review plugin? That one supersedes the older Books for Review plugin in OJS 2.x and is better supported.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

From what I can see, the Objects For Review plugin simply offers a greater
variety of object formats – but book reviews are not even included. The
Books For Review plugin is all I need, but it does not seem to be working
properly, i.e., once the submitted review has been published, it does not
drop off the Submitted list.
Would you please verify whether this qualifies as a bug or whether it is
supposed to work in another way.
Thank you


Do you mean the “Submitted” queue in the Book For Review plugin i.e. on the Books For Review page? I.e. the article is actually in the eidtor’s queue “Archived”, but on the Book For Review page it is under “Submitted”, right? This is not a bug – The plugin tracks books and books reviews only until submitted. After that, the OJS standard workflow is there. Thus “Submitted” is the last step in that plugin.
Or do you maybe mean something else?


Yes, the “Submitted” queue. Thank you for explaining that it is the last
step in that plugin. Please bear with me for a couple more questions.

In that queue, under the SUBMISSION column head, if you click on SELECT it
only goes to a weird view of the submitted list (“Select Submission”),
containing all elements (SEC) of the journal, not just Books for Review –
seems not to be an efficient step, what is the point of that?

Furthermore, if you click on SELECT for any of those entries – even
non-BK items! – , you only get taken back to the Submitted queue – what
is the point of that??

Returning to my original question, in the Submitted queue, the STATUS
column head displays (of course) all “Submitted” – what would be helpful,
if possible, would be to feed back the “Published” status for relevant
entries from the standard workflow.

Hi @cspeditr

The meaning of SELECT is this: It could be that an article was submitted earlier, but the relation to the book was not provided. This SELECT option provides a possibility to assign such an article to a book review later on.
Yes, maybe the status update to “published” would make sense – I will take a look, but please have understanding that this is not the priority at the moment, because of OJS 3. Also, that we consider to concentrate more on Objects For Review plugin in the future.


Thank you, I understand the meaning of SELECT, but as you say, if the
association of the submission and the book has been made, then it seems
confusing/irrelevant to have it there, especially given where it goes.

I do appreciate your willingness to look at modifying the “Status” variable
to include “Published” and I will wait for your conclusion on this

I also understand your priorities with v. 3 (our host provider is waiting
for 3.1 before we convert), and I have looked at Objects for Review. Can I
transfer the data already entered in Books for Review to the Objects plugin?

(OJS 2.x)
​Another question about books for review:

Our home page has the menu across the top, including BOOKS FOR REVIEW.
What happens when you use the Object for Review plugin for Books – do they
also get listed under the ​BOOKS FOR REVIEW menu?

And a little bug in the Books for Review plugin:

On the “createBookForReview” page, if I am using the keyboard (tab key) to
move down between the fields when entering data, if I tab to Add Author and
hit enter, the cursor does NOT move to the next open field; it seems to
disappear up to the top of the page somewhere. It would be very nice if the
cursor could move to the newly created “First Name*” field for the new
author, saving me a trip to the mouse and back.

Hi @cspeditr

Unfortunately, currently there is no automated migration from BFR to OFR. I added this and the other requirements/wishes/issues in this GitHub Issue: BFR and OFR plugin work · Issue #2325 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

When using OFR plugin, there is OBJECTS FOR REVIEW (instead of BOOKS FOR REVIEW) menu item.
If interested, please take a look also in the short documentation here: and a few examples: and Objects For Review


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Hi, Bozana,
I have both plugins running, and the OFR menu item does not display –
that’s why I asked. Too bad about the (non)portability of the data. Thanks
for the additional info – I will look at it.

Hi Ksenia,

Have you chosen the “Mode 1” in the settings (edit home page > objects for review > settings), similar to BFR?


Ah, I did not (not wishing for it to be visible to our user community while
I was trying it out). OK, so now of course I understand why it was not
displaying the menu item.

Another possibility I thought of for “removing” book review entries off the “Submitted” list once they are published is this:

Going into the Edit screen and deleting me as editor. I thought that back on the “Books for Review - Submitted” page, since there is no editor, the entry would drop off the list.

But not only is that entry still there, I am still showing as an editor!

I wonder if creating a dummy editor (e.g., “Published BR Unarchivable”) would work? or am I a default editor on all the book review entries, no matter what?