How to archive a submission?


I’m using OJS 3.0.2 and there is a question - is there a way of removing succesfull submissions in a production stage from a “all active” tab? It seemed to me that as soon as a submission is planned for a publication, it should no longer appear as active, more logical if it goes into an “archive” tab. However, there seems to be no “archive submission” tab anywhere.

Does it make sense?

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Hi @alexvarsh,

I believe, for OJS 3.0.2, that the submission stays in the active queues until the associated issue gets published. @NateWr has rewritten the lists for the OJS 3.1 release, and may be able to comment further, though I suspect this aspect hasn’t changed yet.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Dear friend,
i have the same problem, is there some possibilities to archive a submission without publishing.
I m publishing in another place and i would like to archive finalized files because many active submissions are on the active screen, its not comfortable, i must to search between many submissions.
But i found one possibility: after review process, pushing decline submission without mailing to authors, then submission history can be found in archive.
Is there some another possibility to archive a submission?


Is it possible to archive manuscripts if we don’t want them published online with an issue. In OJS 2.4.8 you could decline the submission and it would archive it. I don’t see this option in OJS3. What happens is that we upload some content and assign it to an issue but we don’t want to publish it online as it is only available in the print version. I previous would unassign it from an issue and then go to “reject and archive submission”.

Hi @Robyn,

Do I understand correctly that you publish both a print version and (in OJS) an online version of the issue, and that this article only appears in the print version? Or is your journal not publishing at all with OJS?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Dear Alec

We do publish online on OJS but not all the articles – basically just the original research and review articles. So some of the articles, like news, etc. we only publish in the print copy.

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Hi, I would also be very interested in a possibility to archive a submission directly after the review is complete without sending it to copyediting/production.

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Gerhard Eilbacher

I would like to add my strong support for the need to be able to archive a submission that has been accepted, so that it no longer shows up in the queue. We use OJS for tracking the submission and review process, but we don’t use it to publish the journal. So it’s important to us to be able to archive published articles without using OJS’s publication work flow. If we use the “decline” mechanism to archive a successful submission, we lose the ability to generate accurate acceptance statistics.


Me too; it seems a significant number of journals only use the peer review portion of OJS and need a way to keep users’, particularly Editors’, screens tidy.

Hi all,

This is filed here: Add 'archive' button in production stage · Issue #5709 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

Let’s move the conversation there so it’s collected in one place.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team