How to add/remove side bar blocks from the ojs system-wide pages?

For specific journals the journal manager can change the look, and add or remove the blocks from all the journal pages. But the effects are only valid for that journal.

There are some pages such as:


that are system-wide and not affected with the layout changed made in the step 5 of settings.
Of course different themes can be chosen to change the presentation of the contents of these pages, but how is it possible to for example add/remove a block from these pages?

If it is a manual edit, which OJS file should be edited.


Hi @Dani,

See this answer on a previous question: Moving sidebar to right on OJS main/home pages - #6 by beghelli


Thanks @beghelli for the reply.

But the post you mentioned does not solve my problem. The SQL script is for moving plug ins from righ to left side, but what I want to do is adding or removing blocks.

For instance, I removed the font-change block from the journal pages, since in the new theme it does not work.
Now I want to also remove it from the system-level pages. How can I do that?

is there a tpl file for those pages that I can modify?
or is it a database operation?


Just set the ‘context’ setting to 0, so the block plugin will not appear on site context.


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Thanks @beghelli
It worked.
but instead I tried the to set enabled to 0. I used manual phpmyadmin settings, something to the effect of the following line.

UPDATE plugin_settings SET setting_value = '0' WHERE setting_name = 'enabled' AND plugin_name = 'fontsizeblockplugin' AND journal_id = 0;
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Even better! :smile: