How to add new button and form to "Add Reviewer" modal


I am trying to implement a plugin to modify “Add Reviewer” modal. This plugin is going to add a new button to modal footer and also a new form which will appear on modal once user clicks on the button. Like “Create New Reviewer” button.

I am new to OJS, so I read documents about writing plugins and OJS hooks. I think Form::config::before is responsible for editing forms. But it doesn’t work!

It seems there is’t any hook to modify modals like “Add Reviewer”.

Maybe someone tried it before :slight_smile:

OJS 3.3.1


Hi @adel.armand,

Thank you for your post - I will pass it along to our developers who can hopefully make some suggestions - but can you verify one thing: OJS 3.3.1 doesn’t exist yet ( the most recent release is 3.3.0-8: - can you verify what version (or possibly a branch in github?) you are working from? It will be helpful for our devs to know this info when offering suggestions.

PKP Team

Thank you for your reply @rcgillis
I am using the official docker image ojs:stable-3_3_1, so maybe its tag is wrong or not related to its version on Github.

Adel Armand

Hi @rcgillis

I could finally figure it out! I think customizing (overriding) theme can be helpful.
I am currently working on themes.

Following link may be helpful for others who have same issue:

Best regards,
Adel Armand

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