How mature is OJS 3?

I’m planning on migrating to OJS 3. In the beginning of this year, I remember that not all functionality from 2.8.xx was available.

How is it now? What is missing if anything?

Also, where can I verify the progress of the translations for OJS 3?

Hi @luizborges,

Most of the functionality of OJS 2.4.x is now available in OJS 3. Here is a short list of features and plugins that are not yet available:

  • Book review/objects for review plugin
  • Payments and subscriptions functionality is available but not as developed as in OJS 2. Donations are not available as a payment type.
  • Emailing all users with a certain role
  • Use of custom email templates
  • Dataverse plugin
  • Display author contact info on articles (can only provide contact to the author through their linked ORCID profile)

You can see a list of languages that OJS 3 is available in on our website.

If you have a translation specific question, please post it in the Translation section of the forum.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

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