How long time to PLN synchronise with my journal? 2.4.8

Hello there,
Excuse, Today (18/06/2018) I starred with PLN-pluggin, I actived and acepted all terms

And I have a questions:
*How long time to PLN synchronise with my journal?
*How know that my journal is on PLN program ?

  • Can I add a logo or phrase to comunicate that my Journal using preservation program PLN?

Thanks for your time and I wait for your help.

Hello @ypz,

It can take up to 48 hours for your deposits to show “agreement.” We don’t have a badge that can be displayed on your journal, but having one is a great idea. I’ll bring that idea forward to the team.


Thanks @mjordan, Right now The PKP PLN can accept deposits from my journal.
Now I can to wait for change in the status:


According to Documentation in one week I culd to view LOCSS Status as YES / Accepted, Is correct?