How improve the load times

Hi everyone I’m doing the update the to and the problem is that the load times between are too long, so if anyone how can I the performance in general for the page ?

hello @Nicolas_Aguirre_Espi
Have you seen the PHP error file if it marks anything abnormal?
After the migration which should have been 3.1->3.2->3.3 (recommended) did you clear the cache?


Hi @dagosalas , in the PHP error file everything is normal, when you talk about clear the cache, I should do with the own ojs development tool like the image or should I follow other way?

Captura de Pantalla 2022-04-29 a la(s) 9.57.26 a.m.

Yes, exactly Clear Data Cache and Clear Template Cache.
Try it and see how it works.

Hi, I clear data cache and template cache but there is not an improvement. For example, when someone make a submission the load time is too long. The next image are the petions.
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