How do you assign galleys to an issue with quick submit plugin

I am trying to use the quick submit plugin to upload galleys of retrospective content for a journal (these are already published articles that we want to make available via OJS along with the current content).

I can add the metadata and upload the galley files fine, but I cannot figure out how to assign the article to an issue. The documentation I’ve read indicates that this is the next step after uploading the file, but I see no way to make the assignment, either from the issues page or from the submissions page.

Examples of documentation that I’ve read:

Can someone point me to better tutorials on using this plugin or give me a hint as to where I go in the interface to assign the galleys to an issue? Thanks in advance for any clues.

Nevermind. It is the “Schedule for Publication” button on the submission entry. I knew as soon as I said I couldn’t figure it out I would figure it out. Works like a charm every time…