How do you add a translation for a new navigation bar item?

How do you add a translation for a new navigation bar item?

For example, I just added “Submission” to the navigation bar, which links to the submissions static page. Although I have separate static pages for each language, the word “Submission” in the navigation bar doesn’t change from one language to another.

Assuming you have added the navigation item using step five of your journal’s setup http://.../index.php/journal_id/manager/setup/5, the easiest way would be to change the “Form Language” at the top of the setup page page to whatever language you would like to translate the label to. After doing so, first click the Submit button next to the language selector. (Be sure to use the language selector directly underneath the heading, not the one in the sidebar if you have it enabled.) Then, scroll back down to enter the translated label name, edit it and click Save and continue at the bottom of the page.

Please note that for this to work, the checkbox The label value is a literal string… must be enabled for the navigation element. You can find this checkbox right underneath the label name field.

Another possibility is to use a localization key from the language fiiles (like navigation.about) and then leaving the checkbox mentioned above unchecked.

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It worked like a charm.