How do others share ancillary files with readers?

We have a hosted OJS 3.X site, so I’m not a programmer or IT person. We do not use OJS’s peer-review system; we use another system and post PDFs via the Quick Submit plug-in.

We produce 2-page briefs of some of our articles. We’ve been posting them on a separate page (, but it makes MUCH more sense to post them on the article page.

I’ve been trying out posting the PDF of a brief as a galley with an article component type I’ve defined (see Toward a Community Impact Assessment for Food Policy Councils: Identifying Potential Impact Domains | Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development). But it doesn’t stand out well. I’d like it to be very obvious and appealing to the reader: “Oh, there’s a brief of this article! Awesome; I’m downloading it now!” For example, it would be great if it had a header like the one that appears just below the PDFs, labeled “PUBLISHED” with the date below.

Other journals must have similar needs and may have come up with more creative solutions. I’d appreciate any ideas. Thanks!

Amy Christian, managing editor, JAFSCD

Hi @achristian,

If you have some experience with CSS, you can configure the button to stand out a bit more or add the div box you mentioned.

To add the CCS, you’ll need to create a CSS with customizations you want to apply and upload it via: Dashboard > Settings > Website > Appearance (tab) > Scroll down to “Journal style sheetJournal style sheet” and upload your styleSheet

image .

Here is the CSS code I had used for the screenshot above:

ul.value.supplementary_galleys_links {
background-color: #124061;
color: #ffffff;

Kind Regards,
Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project Intern