How do I stop the error e-mail (UsageStats error)?

Good afternoon, everyone. This is an ancient bug in my WPLMS. From time to time, I receive an e-mail that goes more or less like this

"usage stats of the file uploader - 577fe51f9e48f - Error
[2016-07-08 14:38:39] [Notificação] Tarefa iniciada.

[2016-07-08 14:38:39] [Report] The file
was processed and

[2016-07-08 14:38:39] [Report] Task stopped."

I fail to see what is causing this. Any thoughts?

Since I don’t see any actual error messages in this email, I suspect you would be happy with the setting to send email only when there is an actual error:

If this setting is not On, email will be sent for every scheduled task run.

Actually, it’s already on, but I’m still receiving these emails.`

scheduled_tasks = Off

; Scheduled tasks will send email about processing
; only in case of errors. Set to off to receive
; all other kind of notification, including success,
; warnings and notices.
scheduled_tasks_report_error_only = On`

That backtick after “On” doesn’t appear in your file, correct?

Can you give another example of a full email you’ve received? There should be an error message which will help explain the email.

Correct, that backtip isn’t there.

Sure. Here it goes:

Subject: Usage stats from file uploader - 57841e7948cf0 - Error

[2016-07-11 19:32:25] [Notification] Task started

[2016-07-11 19:32:25] [Notification] Task stopped.

They are pretty much the same. Of course, they don’t come in English, I have translated it. Here’s the original e-mail:

Data: 11 de julho de 2016 19:32
Assunto: Estatísticas de uso do carregador de arquivos - 57841e7948cf0 - Erro
Para: Educative

[2016-07-11 19:32:25] [Notificação] Tarefa iniciada.

[2016-07-11 19:32:25] [Notificação] Tarefa parada.

Those messages definitely look like they are just notices, not errors. Are your perhaps on a version earlier than 2.4.6? There was a bug which would have previously caused this:

Yes, I’m using the 2.4.5 version

There have been a lot of recent bugfixes and improvements in the UsageStats plugin. I strongly recommend an upgrade to the latest release.

If you are unable to upgrade, there is a small patch linked via the bug report in bugzilla which will fix just this one problem.

Thanks, I didn’t receive any more e-mails :grinning: I just used the code you sent me and it worked