How do I import "Preferred Public Name" data with OJS 3.2 Users XML Plugin

I want to import “Preferred Public Name” data with OJS 3.2 Users XML Plugin, but I could not find the XML tag of this field with import data or another option.

When I export a user whose “Preferred Public Name” field is full, I cannot see this field.

Hi @nkisnisci ,

I see what you mean. It doesn’t look like it is in the schema. I will look into this a bit further and get back to you.


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Hi @nkisnisci,

I flagged this issue: "Preferred Public Name" field missing as an option for import/export · Issue #6572 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub with our developers. I think it may be the case that the field was accidentally left out/not updated in the schema. If this is the case, then it may be a quick fix, but it will have to be fixed by our developers. You can keep an eye on that issue on Github to see any actions made on improving this.


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