How can I link the title image?

I want my header image to link back to my library site. I don’t see where I can add this link. Suggestions?

You would need to use the “Alternate Header” in Journal Setup 5.3 to do this. Bizarrely, the content you enter will be wrapped in an H1.

Unintuitively, for this to work, the preceding options of Journal Title and Journal Logo must be empty.


  • Journal Title: [selected], [blank]
  • Journal Logo: [blank]
  • Alternate Header: <a href="http://yoursite.tld"><img src="yourimage.png" alt="your title" /></a>

This is so convoluted I would file it as a bug, except that fixing it would “break” the functionality for so many current users.

Edit: actually, I will file a bug, if nothing else to fix the instructions.

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Thanks so much for that fix. I really want to link the header image on the ojs site itself not just of individual journals. In the site admin, there is no option for an “Alternate Header”.

Yes, for the Site-level header, you would be stuck modifying the template file:

You would probably want to place your <a> tag just inside the <h1>.

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