How can i enable Title field in Principal Contact in OJS PKP

Hi! In OJS PKP in Journal Settings in Principal Contact there is no Contact Title field, which was in OJS Can i enable it anyhow?
Or how can i insert tag
or line break in Contact Name field?
I need to put additional information about Principal Contact.

Hi @vasmed,

This is what I see in 3.3.0-6:

Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 9.30.00 AM

Are you seeing something different? Not sure what you mean by “Contact Title” - is this like a position (Director of)?

PKP Team

Yes. I see the same in

And this was in

And what i have:

And what i need:

I need “Assistant editor” to be on new line.

There is output of contactTitle in lib/pkp/templates/frontend/pages/contact.tpl
{if $contactTitle}<div class="title"> {$contactTitle|escape} </div> {/if}
and in lib/pkp/pages/about/
it is getting in function contact($args, $request)
‘contactTitle’ => $context->getLocalizedData(‘contactTitle’),
returns nothing, though there is field in journal_settings table in db

Hi @vasmed,

Interesting - thanks for pointing this out. I’m going to run this by some colleagues to see if they can weigh in.

PKP Team

Hi @vasmed,

I spoke to one of our developers who had this to say:

“We won’t have removed existing data from the database, but it isn’t part of the schema in 3.3. I can see references to it in one template, but it is not actually available and not supported.”

So, if you were to customize the code to include it, and the customization may break (in current or future versions).

PKP Team

Hi, @rcgillis. Thank you for your answer.
If someone want to customize this topic, i figured out what to do.
To add Title field in input contact form in dashboard i inserted the following code
into line 50 in in lib/pkp/classes/components/forms/context/

->addField(new FieldText('contactTitle', [
                                'label' => __('user.title'),
                                'isMultilingual' => true,
                                'groupId' => 'principal',
                                'value' => $context->getData('contactTitle'),

Save is working ok. (I noticed, that field “setting type” in “journal_settings” table of db is filled in with Null instead of String, but this does not affect the output of the value and the similar field “contactAffiliation” acts the same way)
To output Title data on contact page, i inserted following into line 92 in context.json in lib/pkp/schemas/ :

                 "contactTitle": {
                        "type": "string",
                        "multilingual": true,
                        "validation": [

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Hello @Adil,

You questions appear to be un-related to this thread. Please start a new post and provide relevant details around your situation.

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