How can i create xml articles that are visualized in ojs3?

In the ojs demo, appear xml articles that are visualized, example:

Where can I get information / examples to form this type of xml?

Thank you

Hi @ojs,

Those presentations are possible when your articles are presented in JATS XML. I’d suggest doing some general reading on JATS in this forum and elsewhere to see whether it’s practical for you, and what tools are available to facilitate conversion.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

There is lens viewer plugin for displaying JATS XML on a separate galley page, but it requires additional update.

I have also created JATS Parser Plugin that displays JATS XML on the article detail page: GitHub - Vitaliy-1/JATSParserPlugin: OJS3 Plugin for parsing JATS XML and displaying it on article detail page

There are also developed several tools for fascilitating DOCX to JATS convertion, includind ones developed by PKP team and my own.

Anyway, like was said before, you firstly need to get yourself familiar with JATS.

thanks for the answer, but I upload articles converted to jats with this tool and are not visible.

So I imagined that he used some kind of additional metadata.

Is there no guide how to create a step-by-step article?

Did your used lens viewer plugin?
Can your descibe in more details of what you have done?

yes, I use lens viewer.

I use this tool and convert this file and upload it and it is not displayed.

The .doc β†’
The .xml β†’

Firstly, Lens Viewer plugin needs to be updated. You can use, for example, @ajnyga`s modifications: GitHub - ajnyga/lensGalley: Galley viewer plugin integrating eLife Lens for OJS 3.0: fork using the latest develop branch of Lens

Secondly, JATS XML needs to be valid. You can use external tools for this purpose. As example ours JATS XML looks like this:

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