How can i bold and italic the section title field?

Hi mate!

I want to bold and italic the section title field. HTML tags aren’t working in section title field. Can you please guide me that how can i bold / italic the section title field?

Please see below attachment.


Thank you!

Hi @imaazahmed,

This post outlines the issue around using HTML in certain metadata fields (titles, etc.): Inconsistent HTML display in article titles - #4 by rcgillis - basically it’s not feasible or advisable to have HTML in title fields because metadata gets exported and used in diffferent contexts and storing HTML in the field creates complications.

If you hoped to apply this might be able to adjust the display of Section title field sitewide, you might be able to do this using CSS. You can see our documentation on this here: Create a Stylesheet - our theming guide also provides guidance on this as well: PKP Theming Guide

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