How can i Add DOI and Keywords field in OJS


Please see this URL. I want to add DOI and Keywords fields in the content page of Article but i don’t have any field in OJS backend to add DOI and Keywords.

Can anyone guide me that how can i add these two options?

Thank you!

Hi @imaazahmed ,

As far as I see it looks OK to me:
Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 08.45.27

Can you be more specific what is the problem you are experiencing?

Regards, Primož

Hi mate!

This is an example. In my website there’s no option of enter keywords and DOI so i want to add these options in my website.

this is my website please check this

@primozs Can you pls reply?

Hi @imaazahmed ,

sorry, I didn’t see your reply. As I see, the keywords are there, so the DOI is what you are missing, right? For that you have to use the DOI plugin. Here is the documentation: Using DOIs and the DOI Plugin

Regards, Primož

I have added keywords in Abstract field. Is there any separate field of keywords? If yes so how to enable it? When i submit meta data i see there’s no option of adding keywords. I am using abstract field to enter keywords but i want a separate field of keywords, like abstract field.

Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 08.45.27

This is an example, As you can see there is a separate field of adding keywords.

And i am putting keywords in the field of abstract. I hope it’s clear now! @primozs

This is my website URL and you can see i am adding keywords in abstract field but i want a separate field of keywords in meta data


I am adding keywords like this in my article. I want a separate field of keywords like abstract. I hope it’s clear to understand this now @primozs

Hi @imaazahmed ,

OK, I see now. You can configure keywords in Settings - Workflow - Submission - Metadata.

Regards, Primož

Thank you so much! Can i get DOI field like this? In metadata option of Quick Submit Plugin can i get an option like this?

Hello - There is no way to manually add DOIs by typing them into a field, they are automatically assigned once you configure the DOI plugin.