How can I activate the conferences archived on OCS Menu?

Hi Guys,
I need a light.

I have a lot of past conferences and one current conference.
I’d like this current conference was opened directly when a user open the website. BUT, I need the link on the top menu to give full acess to the all previous conferences already archived.

How I can do that? If I put the redirection to this new one, or let without redirection no makes diference. That link dosn’t pop up.

Somebody knows how I can configure this?

PS. The link is

Thank y’all in advanced.

D. Edward Ross

I don’t belive nobody knows how to solve this problem???

Hi @dennyseduardo,

To accomplish what you’re looking for automatically will take some PHP tweaking.

If you don’t have the skills for that, or want to avoid modifying your installation, you might try leaving a redirect to the current conference in place and manually maintaining a list of older conferences e.g. using a custom sidebar block.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team