"Home" menu item pointing to journal landing page

I am setting up a new OJS3.1 journal site, using Manuscript theme.

I want a menu item “home” that points to the journal landing page, i.e. the page that loads when just entering the journal url.

How do I do this? I have added a new menu item “home”, pointing to custom url journalurl/index, since I cannot leave the field blank. However, index creates a new page “home”, rather than pointing to the landing page. Have I missed an obvious solution to this seemingly simple task?

If you are not using pretty permalinks the link should look like
With pretty permalinks it looks like

Unless of course you have something more complicated in htaccess settings.

Thanks for your reply. I tried both without success. However, it led me to experiment, and it seems like just adding a dot (.) to the url field of the custom page that the menu item points to does the trick. Clicking the menu item now leads to site.com/journalpath/

This is what it looks like: