Hiding "new version" update notice for users in settings/context

I’m new in this forum, I work in the IT Team responsible for de OJS in a college and I have an open ticket from the users notifying us about a new update in the system. The image is in portuguese but, it is saying:
A new system version is available! Its current version is OJS The most recent version is OJS Contact your System Administrator (admin, development@direitosbc.br) to notify you of this release. For more information, visit this page.”

A new update is out of bounds for now, but we want close this ticket and for that hiding this warning from the users is the best option, is it possible? ojs

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Hi ajnyga.
Thank you for the reply, but unfortunately it didn’t work. I switched show_upgrade_warning= “On” to “Off” and the alert still there for users.
Should I check “…/management/settings/context” file for tracking of the display?

forget the message above. I edited the wrong file.
I was in config.TEMPLATE.inc.php, and the right is just config.inc.php
Thank you!