Hide form fields of non-UI locales for multilingual journals



I’ve been running into some difficulties recently with the way OJS displays multilingual forms and I think there could be a way to curate it. I haven’t found any post dealing with it, so I create a new topic here.

Currently, for journals that publish in multiple languages, locales of every language used must be installed and activated for both submissions and forms (which are linked by virtue of https://github.com/pkp/pkp-lib/commit/1fec084ed05950f6cccaa40a1f917054a8a79f8b).This means that for each field, there will be as many text boxes as there are locales installed.

The “problem” is that not all of these locales are necessarily UI ones. Indeed, many multilingual journals may use only one or two UI locales, yet publish in many more languages, either because the UI locale is a vehicular language (typically English) or because publication in a language is too rare to maintain a full-blown UI locale for it.
The thing is, I don’t understand the purpose for displaying fields for locales that are not UI unless the submission is specifically made in that language. Not only are those fields almost never filled out when the submission is not in that language, but even when they are, they serve no purpose for the editorial process and will never be seen by the viewer. So essentially we end up with a series of fields that are useless, confusing for the author and that affect the display.

A fix would be to always display language fields that are UI, but to only display non-UI locales when that language is selected for submission.

Tell me if that makes sense or if there is something I’m not seeing here,

All the best,