HIdden Galleys public website

I migrated to the latest version, but the files of the reviewers are appearing on the web site.

How do I hide?

Hi @Kaue_Gouveia_de_Amor

If you’re talking about supplementary files ending up in galleys, there’s a patch for that here:


If that is indeed your issue, you’ll need to patch your OJS 3 code by applying that patch and then run your upgrade again, from your version 2 database restored from a backup.


I have a version, I can’t apply straight to that version?

What version did you migrate from?


I migrated from 2.4.8 to version
I, after this migration information is appearing that did not appear in the previous versionseer

That’s right. So, you’ll need to patch your OJS 3 installation, and then do the migration again starting with your OJS2 database. The galleys are created during the migration - the patch prevents them from being created in the first place.


For those that fall into this post, just commenting that thanks to Bozana, we have an script that can be applied even if you did an upgrade: