Help with simple modification code in plugin export crossref

Hello Everybody.

In ojs-3.1.1, plugin export xml crossref → file : /plugins/importexport/crossref/templates/index.tpl —>

{url|assign:submissionsListGridUrl router=$smarty.const.ROUTE_COMPONENT component=“grid.pubIds.PubIdExportSubmissionsListGridHandler” op=“fetchGrid” plugin=“crossref” category=“importexport” escape=false}

				{load_url_in_div id="submissionsListGridContainer" url=$submissionsListGridUrl}

this lines return/generate the “grid” . but I do not understand exactly how it works. What files to modify to make me generate the grid with all check button true for default .


please, can you indicate a help for harcoding and force this option in check button list in crossref ?plugin.


Hi @cristianviza,

Why do you need this per default? Exporting DOI data is rather one time job and I don’t understand why you need this check made default - indicating multiple time job.

Regards, Primož

Hello @primozs I do not have the automatic upload option and I have to update metadata from all Journals ( ojs multi journal +7000 articles). Option “Select All” is required from my vision . I sloved with a lite java scrip and new checkbox