Help: white screen when Upgrade to ojs-3.1.2 from ojs-2.4.8-4

This is an urgent help needed because our server will upgrade to php 7.2 and 7.1 this weekend.
Therefore, we must also upgrade ojs installation to ojs-3.1.2 from ojs-2.4.8-4

we did exactly the following:

  1. Configure php 5.6 to PHP 7.0 (Single php.ini) and save changes
  2. Decompress ojs-3.1.2
  3. Copy to new directory
  4. go to installation page Click upgrade link
  5. no action just white screen

Directory permissions are 755
Can we do it by our self or needed professional help?

Any urgent help appreciated

A quick guess would be that you were using a database driver of mysql in for PHP5, but this needs to be changed to mysqli for PHP7.

You’ll find specific details on the error in your PHP error log.

Hello Ctgraham,
Thanks a lot.
Is that what you mentioned, since I am not so experienced:

; Database Settings ;


driver = mysqli
host = localhost
username = ojs
password = ojs
name = ojs
; Set the non-standard port and/or socket, if used
; port = 3306
; unix_socket = /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock

; Enable persistent connections
persistent = Off

; Enable database debug output (very verbose!)
debug = Off

This looks like the default version of You should have a customized version of this with your actual database name and database user and database password in Be sure not to share your real database password in the forum.

I tried to do this and it still gave me a white screen, with username and password correctly inserted in the

You’ll want to find the actual error message from your PHP error log. Check with your system administrator or hosting provider regarding the location within your system.