Help to install the system

Hi, guys.

I have difficulty understanding how to install the program and create the conference.
Is there any step by step?



  1. Step: On your server you create new website, new database and assign user (or create new one and assign);
  2. Step: You download latest OCS from, currently it is OCS 2.3.6.
  3. Step: You have to extract content of .tar.gz archive to your local computer (make sure that you use 7zip or some other good archiver)
  4. Step: Transfer files to web root directory of new web site, while there, create directory named files outside root folder (in linux hosting it can be in /private directory
  5. Step: In your browser point to new site and you will get installation page, enter information. When asked to create new database, mark no (we have created it all ready).
  6. Step: Click Install and wait for installation to finish.
  7. Step: When installation is finished login to file manager, open and change line installed = Off to installed = On.

Setup (Because I’m not using OCS I won’t give you a detail instructions)

  1. Step: Go to your website and login with credentials you have entered in setup (username and password).
  2. Step: Go to Administrator → Hosted Conferences → Create Conference and follow instructions.
  3. Step: Generally every thing else is at you, create test conference and play around with it.


I had previously installed OJS, but had not reinstalled during a hosting change. I have just tried to install OJS and OCS and following steps in the README and above from knjigor, but when I try to access the installation via a browser I just get a blank page.

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious. Any ideas?