[HELP] the button is not " Resubmit for review "

good day

I am reading the documentation https://pkp.gitbooks.io/ojs3/content/en/ and I find that I do not have the “resubmit for review” button in the review section. Is this button not available in version or is it disabled by default? look in configuration the way to activate it but I did not find it.

Thanks since now

Hi @Jorgef,

Can you include a screenshot from your installation?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher , yes



we have OJS 3.1.0 and do not have this button. However, when you choose ‘request revision’ you can choose within the popup window, if this revision should undergo another review round or not. So the distinction between ‘request revision’ and ‘resubmit for review’ is made within this popup window and not the review panel in this OJS version.

Hi @heike_riegler , thanks for u answer

I understand what you say, now in the window I do not see the difference between “review of the request” and “resend for review”

I attach a capture



its the top point “Nueva ronda de revision”. Maybe the Spanish translation is misleading here? In English it looks like this:grafik

So the first choice is what used to be ‘revision requested’ (and no further peer review of this revision) and the second means ‘resubmit for review’ (which entails a new review round once the revision is in).