-----Help----Error Send email SMTP --------

Dear all forum PKP and Mr. @ctgraham,
I reading send email SMTP on forum PKP,
I have send email SMTP: success but:

  • When I new article to scientific journal to step four OJS loading and loading do not to step five but OJS have send email to acount author ??
  • When I public new one Issue, OJS have send email to all acount: success but OJS don’t notification success OJS loading and loading
    I hope receive many help form forum PKP and @ctgraham.
    Thank all.!

If it appears that OJS hangs when loading something simple like the Submission Step 5, it is likely that a fatal PHP error has occurred. This will be recorded in your PHP error log. Check with your system administrator or hosting provider for the location of this log, and find messages from the time of the error which have the designation “PHP Error” or “PHP Fatal”. (You can ignore “PHP Notice”, “PHP Deprecated”, “PHP Strict Standards” and, generally, “PHP Warning”).

Dear Mr. @ctgraham
Thank you very much!!
Have a nice day :))
Minh Nhut