HealthScience theme: additional content doesn't extend to the very left of the layout

Hello everyone,
Dear @Vitaliy,

I am writing here because I am trying to use the additional content area in the HealthScience theme.
I have noticed, however, that the area in which I can put some contents doesn’t fit the whole layout, but on the left is somehow left blanked. On the other side (on the right) it actually well extends to the right size of the layout; so the whole thing create, at the moment, a sort of effect of “alignment to the right”.
Do you think that it could be possible to extend to the whole horizontal area the space usable for additional content, on the left too? It seems to me that, at the moment, the result remains a bit asymmetric.
I try to upload a screenshot in order to better explain what I am referring to.
With my best regards,


Hi @leonardo.mancini,

Hmm, on my test instance additional content occupies the whole layout, just under the list of articles of the latest issue:

Hi @Vitaliy,

thank you very much for your answer, I have now understood it better.
At the moment, the additional content occupy the whole layout of the articles of the latest issue. I was probably looking at the whole space included with the even more left on the issue cover. I reattach your image with a graphical visualization of this (I added a green square in the corresponding area).
However, Vitaliy, I don’t want to disturb you too much with this.
All the best,