HealthScience: Submission Block Plugin displays on footer, but not on Sidebar

Hi @Vitaliy,

I am sorry to bother you twice today.
I am writing here for something which, maybe, it is my fault that I didn’t understand well yet.
On the Website settings, I was trying to operate with the Sidebar management. In particular, I activated the very useful plugin “Make a Submission Block Plugin” (GitHub - pkp/makeSubmission: A sidebar block plugin for Open Journal Systems and Open Monograph Press which adds a link to the submissions page.).
However, I have noticed that everything I choose to display to show on the sidebar, actually don’t display on the sidebar, but on the grey footer area!
Which is not bad, and actually is nice as a result. However, I was wondering if I could also display that plugin on the real sidebar of the website.
What do you think?



Hi @leonardo.mancini,

It was made intentional for this theme (and for several others). All sidebar content goes to the footer. There isn’t an easy way to change it, only by modifying templates and making correspondent style changes. Usually such level of customization is done through creating a child theme: PKP Theming Guide

Alternative way could be with Javascript, it’s possible to add it to OJS without making changes into the template code - Custom Header Plugin. But Javascript code itself should be written to find DOM Element on page (like submission block), copy it, delete the original and insert into needed place.