Health Science Theme: some problems with HTML galley view from mobile devices

Hi! We have the problems with HTML galley view on mobile device - not able to scroll and read the article.
We also do not know why we see this additional content on the front page
though the Additional Content field is empty?

Hi @ActaBiologica,

Thanks for reporting!

Can you apply this patch and confirm that the problem is resolved so I can add the fix to other themes as well?

Regarding additional content on the index page, I don’t see any, can you make a screenshot of it? Or maybe it’s just in a cache, so you can try to clear it though the administration menu.

Thanks @Vitaliy!
We will apply this patch and will inform you about the results asap.

Dear @Vitaliy
We applied the patch and now it can be scrolled and viewed in “reader mode”. Are there desirable results?

Thanks! Sounds like the bug is fixed.