Header problem in child theme


In this page my header is working properly but when it is redirect to next page having some problem in header


This is the redirected page having header problem

Please give some suggestion to solve this problem

as i see in the second image the user menu is gone. it maybe the reason, but its hard to say from the picture, if you dont use template in your child theme, it can be from the css.

.navbar-header .navbar-brand {
height: 100px;
position: relative;
top: -35px;


body {
font-family: sans-serif;
font-color: black;

border-top: 5px solid coral;
border-bottom: transparent;
border-left: transparent;
border-right: transparent;

background: url(header3.jpg);


background: coral;

/.navbar-default,.header_view{background-color: #3e3f3a;border-color: #3e3f3a}/

this is my css code.my home page header is working fine " /OJS/index.php/index/login"
bt the problem is in my current issue page “/OJS/index.php/art/issue/current”

its almost the bootstap style and there is nothing weird here, at least if it work on home page it should work on others too.
are you using template file?

yes i am using template files. i copied the bootstap/templetes files and past in my directory

i check the bootstrap template and the user menu loaded on header. so if it seen in home page -as the header template is same for all- it should seen on the others too.
maybe in the other pages you cropped the template variable, so it can not load properly.
can you look your problem-ed page source with inspector tools to check is there any user menu there.

Thanks for your guidance, I will check