Have problem with add new submition on stage 3 after update

Hi everyone.

I have problem in OJS after updating to 3.1.2

The essence of the problem is that when adding a representation in step 3 when it is necessary to go to step 4. I press “save and continue” button, but nothing happens!
So i have no result.

I would appreciate any thoughts on solving this problem


Hi Oleksandr_Radkevych
I faced the same problem. I solved the problem with deleting the OpenAIRE.

Please see for the patch: OJS 3.1.2: OpenAIREPlugin problem in submission process - #5 by asmecher

It works well!

After all i was took OpenAIREPlugin.inc.php from https://github.com/pkp/ojs/tree/master/plugins/generic/openAIRE