Handling authors with only single word name

Several authors in Indonesia only have single word name, but they he have to write both first and last name.
Put their name as first and last name become problem in citation export. I hope there will a solution for this.


for some more history on this request.


I would also like this feature. I know a few persons that have a single legal Western name so its not just limited to non-Western cultures . They find it very annoying when filling out forms that assume and require two names. They feel a litle bit descriminated against and don’t consider it a minor problem.

However I also realise that such asumptions may be deeply embedded all over parts of the code and other services that it connects to so its not an easy feature to implement.

So just flagging that I think its a good feature request.

Edit the metadata form rule at “classes/submission/form/MetadataForm.inc.php” ,
remove the “first author” from the arrange of this line:

$this->addCheck(new FormValidatorArray($this, ‘authors’, ‘required’, ‘author.submit.form.authorRequiredFields’, array(‘lastName’)));

Hopefully this is legal solution :grinning::grin:

I will try, thank you.

When uploading historical content for our OJS journals we came across the problem of entering anonymous authors. The standard solution in bibliographies is to record them as “Anonymus” (not only in the humanities, as stated in Wikipedia, but also in natural history literature). The problem with OJS is that the “given name” field is mandatory… but Anonymus does not have a given name. So we have an issue similar to authors with only single word names.
Are there any recent developments regarding this issue? Does anyone know if the solution proposed above to “edit the metadata form rule” is possible and advisable with OJS 3 as well?


Hi @Gerwin,

Single author names will be made possible with Improve author/user names · Issue #2958 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team