Going from http to https

  • Application Version - OJS 3.2.1.-1

We are using the application in htpp but now https is requiered, after put all in apache for that, change the base_url parameter according this, and securing that all reference in database to images and pluggins reference are with https, loading the home the things doesn´t run in the browse appears the message “insecure site” the ssl certificate is ok, but in the development tools the erros that appears are with some images for journals which one persist to be charged in http protocol the same with with the loading of some css files such as this:



What more we need to change?


Hi @cridum,

Looks like something is wrong with your server configuration. E.g.: django - FastCGI application behind NGINX is unable to detect that HTTPS secure connection is used - Stack Overflow

You can also try turning on force_ssl in OJS config setting file.