Gmail warning when mails sent from OJS

When an automatic e-mail is sent from OJS to gmail users, they receive the mail, but also a warning.

“Be careful with this message
Gmail has not been able to verify that it comes from Avoid clicking on links, download attached files…”

This happens when all users involved in mails are gmail users (ie., the user triggering a send-mail event is registered with a gmail account and the addressee is also a user registered with a gmail account)

Can anything be done at OJS configuration level so as gmail is less obstructive?

Thanks in advance for your reply.


Hi @jascanio

Have a look at the email configuration options within OJS, for forcing envelope headers, and starting in 3.1.2, support for DMARC, where the From: header is munged. You can configure OJS to place the user’s email address in the Reply-To field, not the From: field, and set the return-path accordingly, to another address that you have control over, like a system account on the server hosting your OJS install.


Hi @jnugent
Thanks for your reply.
I’m affraid I run a OJS 3.1.1-4
Can this also be done?
Thanks in advance for your reply.

For sure, just not the DMARC part. Everything else is possible, and has been in OJS for quite a long time now.

Thanks very much for your reply

Hiw can do this setting anyone pls show in detail with screenshot

If you are using gmail while sending mail, the following method will be the solution.
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