Getting the software to talk to the server

i’m looking for someone to i suppose hold my hand a little through the initial installation of OJS 3.0 software on my server. i tried to go through the README but there’s something i am not getting. is there a tutorial or a person you might direct me toward?

what i have been reading in the forum is that 3.0 is stable but there are minor issues which will be worked out. so we’re starting a new journal and it makes more sense to me than not to start with 3.0 and not to invest too much effort into 2.x; i have 2.4.x on a server already but don’t have ftp access to that, so i can’t see how the directory structure is sorted.

what i have done, based on what i saw in the README is created an /OJS folder on the same directory level as the /public_html folder. then i uploaded the contents of the .zip file that is generated by your github repository and that’s where i ran into a wall. so now there’s a directory structure, and i can see it in cPanel. permissions for the files listed in the README are all 6 as i think they should be. README says make them writeable but not to make them executable. but, i cannot so far accomplish:

  1. Open a web browser to and
    follow the on-screen installation instructions.

any input appreciated!

Hi @rtmssn,

OJS 3.0 has not yet been released yet. It’s “stable” as in you can explore it without running into major dead-ends, but not yet ready for production use. We won’t be able to provide much support for pre-release code.

I would recommend against installing pre-release code from a .zip file. Instead, use git to check it out; this will allow you to refresh the code easily from the server. Part of the code is included as submodules, so you’ll need to ensure that you initialize those. And there are composer dependencies in lib/pkp, so you’ll need to get composer to fetch those.

These steps should be an indication of the care and feeding that’s required for pre-release code, so if you’re uncertain about that, I’d suggest sticking with OJS 2.4.x until OJS 3.0 is formally released.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

hi @asmecher. thanks for the prompt response.

i suppose i am still unclear as to the nature of what ‘exploring’ it is — without actually putting the software onto a server and throwing data into it. from what i can see, there is code and there is a directory structure with items in it. that’s so far where my exploration ends - aside from reading the names of folders and files. i am getting the feeling that this is a little too far over my head to be reaching for 3.0 at this stage.

2.4.x it is. thanks again for the response.