Getting DOIs to work

Since trying to upload DOIs to CrossRef two things have gone wrong:

  1. I get an error message indicating the uploads to CrossRef are not uploading.
  2. Links identifying the galleys (I think) with new DOIs on the website are not working.

Am using CrossRef XML Export Plugin

No proxy or firewall. Changed php.ini to allow_url_fopen = On

I was getting a white page but am now getting:

Please see this page:

I didn’t resolve this is a previous thread:


Did you configure DOI plugin properly?
As far as I can see you use OJS 3.0.2.
I would like to suggest to upgrade to 3.1.0-1.


Hi vvucic
I can’t risk upgrade problems just now :slight_smile:
The plugin was already installed. I submitted the correct CrossRef login and password. Not sure what configuring would look like that could go wrong?

Did you try to export of articles/issue xml and upload it manually on CrossRef?
http error 500 is caused by casues that are rather not in OJS itself. Which version of php you use? Can you post php error log here?

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