Getting a plugin Handler class URL from client side (JS)


I am developing a plugin, which makes HTTP requests on the client side with JavaScript.

On the server side of the plugin, there is a Handler class, which is a subclass of classes.handler.Handler.

However, i need the URL of this handler, to make the requests from JavaScript.

The URL of the handler class is like this:


How could i get this URL on client side (JS)?

I’ve searched for examples into plugins and OJS code, but haven’t found any hint of how to do it.

Version: OJS




me and my team arrived at a solution for this problem.

Inspired on the lib.pkp.classes.template.PKPTemplateManager.registerJSLibraryData() method, we can get the plugin Handlers URLs and pass it on for the JavaScript code to call it.

The base URI can be obtained with the lib.pkp.classes.handler.PKPHandler.getDispatcher() method.

So using both methods, and inspired by the tinyMCE plugin we could send the URLs to the JavaScript by doing this:

function addHandlersURLsToJavaScript($request, $templateManager){ 

$baseUrl = $request->getDispatcher()->url($request, ROUTE_COMPONENT) . 'plugins/generic/name-application/handlers/name-application/'; 
$nameOfTheFunctionToBeCalledOnHandler = $baseUrl . 'name-of-the-function-to-be-called-on-handler'; 

$data = [ 
'nameOfTheFunctionToBeCalledOnHandler' => $nameofthefunctiontobecalledonhandler 

$templateManager->addJavaScript('AppData', 'app = ' . json_encode($data) . ';', [ 
'inline' => true, 

On the JavaScript side of the plugin it looks like this:

async function useSomeHandlerFunction(){
    const response = await fetch(app.nameOfTheFunctionToBeCalledOnHandler); 
    const something = await response.json();
    return something;