Generate link after authenticated login

Is there a way to create a link to a URL that is available only after logging in to OJS?

In our case, we want authenticated users to be able to jump to a PDF page turner based system to use that system’s capabilities. In this case to get access to back issues that are on that format… This URL would only be available if someone logged into OJS.

Is there some way to do this?

Thank you!

If I understood you well you want when someone is logged in to find somewhere information about that option and when user clicks on that link the user is forwarded to that link? Does that option that is on external URL interacts wth OJS?

Thanks for your response.

Phase one of this project would be to just jump to a specially crafted URL with embedded generic username and password info in a MD5 hash tag.

Phase two would be to use the users mail address and OJS password to jump to that url with the username and password built into the specially crafted URL.

Thank you.

Hmm. As far as I see that is not just link. It is actually whole script tha does what you want? Is that your plan to develop script to do that?
I would suggest that your developer consider developing plugin that can do that.
Which version of OJS you use?