Generate Custom Report returning blank report on country and no where to configure Year

I have upgraded our test OJS to 3.2.1-1 and installed geo-location database from I moved our logs back from usageStats/archive to usageStats/stage for reprocessing

When I run Generate Custom Report and choose for example “Article file download”, the generated report in excel ark is empty for Country. I cannot see where one can choose “year”. “Year” could be configured in earlier releases.



Hello @obi this seems similar to what may have occurred in this post - you may wish to try the option suggested there.

Thanks. The post mentioned updating of the getMetrics function at lib/pkp/classes/statistics/
last April. But I installed the most recent version that was released in June. I am suspecting something wrong with .geo-location database.

Anyhow, it shows some countries when when I select use current month. Will continue digging.


I am still struggling to generate Country and it is empty. The country_id column is also NULL when I run “select * from metrics;” Could anyone direct me to the specific geo-location file and format to be used? As mentioned earlier, I downloaded the dat file from GeoIP Legacy Databases and renamed it “GeoLiteCity.dat”. The file extension at the url has .mmdb. Do I need to convert it to .dat or rename it?