Gdpr and creative commons

hello, I would like your help on this problem concerning the new gdpr.
as you can see from this online tool to check the gdpr, it tells me there is a violation due to the ip address sent to the USA by the creative commons.
Schermata 2022-05-05 alle 11.45.41

now honestly, can you explain to me how this thing is possible?
clearly on the magazine we use the creative commons license, but apart from a few links there is nothing that can be deactivated to avoid this thing?


the validation service is warning you about two resources outside the EU (as far as requesting a simple image is enough to track the ip of a user).

In your case, the icon in footer (of and the cookie-consent library are from USA, where the data policies are (let’s say) “more relaxed” than the the ones in the EU.

If you check this other OJS you won’t find any trouble.

To fix your site I suggest 2 changes:
a) Change your cookie-consent provider (or integrate a library in your theme).
b) Review how do you define your journal license.

The cookie-consent won’t require more discussion but the creative commons could be a little tricky.

In the ojs I posted we are just telling OJS to show the journal’s license (it’s a out-of-the-box a feature in ojs3) so the image is taken from a cdn service (and the nearest server is in the EU).

Are you forcing the image in the footer to be taken from usa?

bingo! yes the image was taken directly from the commons in the usa.
The problem is solved.
the ip instead sent to the usa with the cookiyes service is not a real problem.
as you said too just use another service.
sorry if I take this opportunity.
What service do you use to manage cookies and block them in advance?
because cookiebot would be perfect as it is in ireland, but i get paid and i would like to avoid it.
thanks for your precious help

I respect all positions but I personally don’t think is a good idea to relay in third party tools relevant stuff (as data privacy) so this is why we integrate a free software library in our theme.

Don’t know much about third party SaaS, but may be others could recommend tools they have tested.

The only service I know is osano and the SaaS version is limitated to 5000 visits a month


thanks for your advice. the cookieconset 2.8.0 package taken from github can I install it as a plugin on ojs or does it have other procedures?

ok. I have read on github everything.