Galley PDF filenames being renamed automatically on upgraded site

After upgrading my OJS from to, all galley PDF download links appear to have renamed the PDF files into something derived from the journal editor’s username+filename, instead of the originally uploaded filename.

For example:- (I replaced specific words with general ones)


This is causing a problem with the site editors and I would like to get to the bottom of it if possible.

Copy all data and assets from the live server to the dev server. Upgraded OJS to (via 3.2), view any article and attempt to download the galley PDF file. If that downloads it will have a different filename to the one that was originally posted.

Currently running OJS

I would appreciate any help with this one as it represents just one of the galley-related problems I am currently facing with the new site.

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Does anyone know how PDF galley files (the downloadable ones for each article) are named? What is the naming convention being used?

The PDF galleys on our site have different names to those on our site (which was an upgraded copy of the live site).

As an example, the PDF galley on our live site was called “96-Article Text-1230-1-10-20180202.pdf”
but on the upgraded OJS site, the same PDF galley is called “clare,+Knottenbelt±+Do+palliative+steroids+for+PDF.pdf”

Has there been a change to the functionality of OJS for naming PDF galleys recently?
Is there a way for me to configure the galley names for OJS so they match the live ones?

Problem here is that the galley names always seem to start with the editor’s name.

Any ideas?

Dear Anthony

We have explained the issue and its solution here :

I hope it can help you or other that face same problem.


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Perfect, thanks Hendra :slight_smile:

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