Galley count is zero in reports version 3.0.1


We have migrated our system from 2.4.6 to 3.0.1. I noticed that pdf count is reported zero for all the articles. (it used to be at least a couple of tens). This is while abstract view has value (a couple of hundreds).

I believe getPrimaryMetricByAssoc(ASSOC_TYPE_GALLEY, $this->getId()) in is being called for that.

Please assist.


In the old version I had used $galley->getViews() in order to display the galley count on each article page. It now shows zero. Is it now differently handled?

Bet Regards

Hi! Some problems have already been solved here:

The 3.0.2 is coming, so I believe, it will be OK there…


I am wondering is there anyone, who can confirm that this problem is solved for html galleys?


Yes, there were several bugs that were fixed and that will come with the 3.0.2 (planned for today), thus if you could wait just a little bit…