Frustrating experience with OJS

I have been using OJS platform for our institutional journal. Hosted by bluehost. Before now people have found it easy submitting articles. But my site was hit by a malware which we cleaned and got the site back.

However, since then the user experience has been very poor. For example in Nigeria the major internet providers are MTN, AIRTEL, GLO. Anytime anyone tries to access our journal site using MTN, the site will load but if you try to login it almost immediately logs you out of the site. This does not happen to other networks.

Even for me as an admin it logs me out even when I manage to login it will say “The current role does not have access to this operation”

I have reached out to the hosting company to be sure the IP address of MTN was not blacklisted.

Please does anyone know how I Can solve this?

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@Emmanuel_Nnadi n the file config.icn.php, the default setting is “session_check_ip = On”. Try to change it to “session_check_ip = Off”


Thanks. That seem to have solved it