Forthcomings, preprints, new editions in OMP


I would like to continue the discussion about forthcomings, preprints and new editions we already started (e.g. For us, it is important to know where OMP will go in that respect because a number of our plugins depend on how forthcomings and new editions are handled. We are mainly interested in how information is stored. The question of how information is presented (e.g. in the catalog, search, book page,…) is less urgent for us.

For forthcomings, we would imagine an input field in the catalog-monograph tab (that is, on the submission level). It might be a dropdown (with extentible options) or simply a checkbox “Forthcoming”. If you say PKP will probably not deal with forthcomings in the near future, we would have to stick with our current work-around (that is, adding the string “forthcoming” to the prefix field in the monograph tab).

For new editions, we would start a new submission. The data wouldn’t have to be stored (and collected) explicitly, if OMP would recognize editions of the same book via a key (e.g. author + title + series). But of course, collecting and storing the information explicitly would be much cleaner.

Have you discussed these topics any further and already know if/how you want to proceed?



Hi @carola,

Thanks for dusting off this conversation.

We spoke a little bit about the variety of states a submission might be in – coming soon, out of print, special order, not available, etc., and my current thinking is that it would be a mistake to directly code a list of possibilities. Instead, we should write some general content-management tools that can be used to augment the system-generated information about a monograph and allow the editor to describe its state however they like. Would that be useful?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher,

we discussed the topics “forthcoming” and “new editions” a lot. We think it would add a lot of flexibility to have the opportunity to add content management, but there is still the problem of handling the data after the generation. We also think, that both concepts are very common and should best be handled by OMP.

Our suggestion would be:

  • “forthcoming”: add a simple checkbox to the submission level and a add a marker of any kind to distinguish a forthcoming book from the others in the catalog.
  • “new editions”: add a drop down list (with all published submissions) to the submission level to select the prequel of the submission. This can be stored in the database like: submission_id (old version), sequel (id of new version). Versions with an sequel can than be hidden in the catalog a link to the newer or older version can be added to both book pages.

What do you think of this concept? Especially the new editions changes we will do in near future for our own installation an would like to know if that fits with the general plan. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, Alec raised this issue with me recently and asked me to jot down my thoughts here:

Forthcoming: this sounds to me like a problem that should be solved with a publication date. I know we ran into issues before whereby, due to ONIX, only publication formats have publication dates. But that wouldn’t stop us from having a per-monograph publication date (like OJS) and using that to flag a monograph as forthcoming on the frontend.

Preprints: I’d probably want to know more about this use case, but it sounds like data that should be attached to a publication format. And it sounds like a good candidate for a plugin rather than an addition to the core platform.

New editions: It’s hard to see this being done without some sort of explicit submission-to-submission relational database. But maybe we could think about it being used by plugins for more than just a single purpose if the submission-to-submission relationship also had a key stored with it (eg - defining related books):

subID | subID2 | relation
1     | 2      | new_edition
3     | 4      | new_edition
5     | 8      | related

Hi @asmecher,

I am interested in the state of this feature. Are there any plans to allow entering data on editions of published Submissions in OMP?
It is of interest to us as we want to generate citations based on the Submission metadata and for exporting to ONIX formats?

Thanks for your efforts and greetings from Heidelberg,


Hi @nweiher,

We haven’t worked on this yet, I’m afraid, though it does continue to be a feature of interest for us.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @nweiher and @asmecher,

I guess once we moved the article versioning over to OMP, at least the new editions problem would be solved.