Footer missing in the journal but not in the configuration

Hi We are using OJS
We configured the web appearance and in the section “footer” we added indexers logos with their links. It worked at first but a few days ago the logos and links are no longer visible! They are still in the “footer” section of the “appearance” section -where we uploaded them- but not on the journal. I don’t know what the problem is or how to fix it. Could you help me? Thank you!! Ana

Hi @anaromero,

Is the footer visible at all or just logos and links inside are missing? Are there any relevant errors in the PHP log or browser’s console?
Also, what theme are you using?

Thank you for your suggestion. I checked the PHP log and found out that there was an error in the code configuration of the twitter link that invalidadated the rest of the configuaration of the web page. Thank you!

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