Fontawesome problem

Hi everyone!

I use:

OJS and the original parent thema “defaunt”.

For several days I have tried to find a solution to this problem:
“Place fontawesome icon in the ads (obj_announcement_summary) section” (bullet).

I have read and tested all the answers of this forum but nothing has worked for me.

I find the problem a constraint / limitation made in the section for not using the fontawesome. It seems crazy the idea !! Hehe … but I do not know what to think!

Could you give me any solution?

Thank you very much to everyone!

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Yo uso:

OJS y el thema padre original “defaunt”.

Durante varios días he tratado de buscar una solución a este problema:
“Colocar icono FontAwesome en la sección anuncios (obj_announcement_summary)” (viñeta).

He leído y probado ¡todas las respuestas de este foro! pero nada me ha funcionado pero nada me ha funcionado.

Me parece que el problema una restrición/limitación realizada en la sección para no usar los fontawesome. Parece una locura la idea!! jeje… pero no sé qué pensar!

¿Me podrían dar alguna solución?

Muchas gracias desde ya a todos!

Hi @David_Alarcon_davidy,

What have you tried, and what was the result? How close did you get? Is there a URL where I can see this?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher!!..

This is a URL site

I have not been able to solve the problem … I have tried everything …

Should be another problem different from those described in the forum PKP because I have tried the solutions but not solve the problem.

Where is the problem?

Thank you so much for everything

Hi @David_Alarcon_davidy,

Check your browser console. On mine, I see a warning that appears to prevent Fontawesome from loading:

Blocked loading mixed active content ""

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team