Following upgrade to OJS3: What happened to reader comments?

So, our journal has recently successfully (with a lot of help from you folks!) upgraded from OJS 2.4.7-0 to OJS 3.1.2-4. Now, in the old installation, we had several extended reader comments on a couple of our articles (carefully pruned out from all of the spam…). These were significant contributions to the discussion the journal is devoted to (in one case, we even had an author reference one of these comments in a reply article).

Now, OJS 3, so far, does not support comments at all. The problem is that the old comments are now also gone. I’m not sure where I can retrieve them at all, whether they might come back once the comment functionality is supported again (if it ever is), and how, if at all, can they now be displayed. But even if OJS 3 will permanently disable new comments (other than via plugins), it could still be useful to at least keep pre-upgrade comments displayed somehow.