Filter by Editor


over time, some needs begin to appear. In my case, today a Chief Editor asked me for a list of the Editors who have assigned some manuscript, as I understand there is currently no filter by Editors and I think it would really be a very good tool to have an overview of how well or badly an Editor works.

This could also be applied to Reviewers in the future, but I think that this already has other very good tools associated with Reviewers.

What do you think about it? or is there any way of knowing which manuscripts are assigned to each Editor?

Thanks OJS team!

(See also Display editors assigned on list of articles)

Hi @t4x0n, this request has been collected as part of Add filtering options to new submissions list · Issue #2612 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub and it looks like a popular one. No promises but I’m hoping it will make it into 3.2. :slight_smile:

Perfect! I know you have many functions in process, I just wanted to make sure you’re considering this … thank you !!